Bridge Completes Prosperworks API Integration

Posted by Scott Berg on Jul 6, 2018 4:45:45 PM
Scott Berg

Dolcera, one of the world’s largest patent analytics companies, hired Bridge for a Prosperworks API integration to reduce costs and increase productivity.  Using both Prosperworks and Mailchimp APIs, Bridge generated a custom sales report collecting daily activity from each individual sales person.

What took management hours to collect, process and analyze was automated into a simple process providing insight into each salesperson’s daily activity, number of client interactions, and level of engagement through WebEx and Skype video conferencing services.


The Result

Through using Prosperworks API to pull data into custom reports and automate daily delivery via Mailchimp, Bridge saved time, reduced costs, and offer greater insights into sales data allowing Dolcera’s management team to make better decisions to support sales growth and productivity.


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