Scott Berg

Scott Berg
Scott's career covers over 18-years of experience across traditional advertising, interactive marketing, SaaS application development, and managing his own technology company. Prior to joining Bridge, as an entrepreneur, he launched an automated marketing platform,, where he integrated APIs from 8 different SaaS platforms to manage CRM, subscription management, social media, email, search and analytics providing an all-in-one solution for SMBs to promote their business and increase sales in their local market.

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ActiveCampaign Offer Custom API Integrations With Magento

Posted by Scott Berg on Nov 16, 2018 10:49:53 AM

Searching for a solution to connect ActiveCampaign API integrations with Magento and other e-commerce platforms? 

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Bridge Completes Prosperworks API Integration

Posted by Scott Berg on Jul 6, 2018 4:45:45 PM

Dolcera, one of the world’s largest patent analytics companies, hired Bridge for a Prosperworks API integration to reduce costs and increase productivity.  Using both Prosperworks and Mailchimp APIs, Bridge generated a custom sales report collecting daily activity from each individual sales person.

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Bridge Makes Connecting Apps With Zapier Fast, Easy + Affordable On Over 1,000 SaaS Platforms

Posted by Scott Berg on Jun 18, 2018 9:39:11 AM
Integrate With Zapier

Connect The Right Apps To Match Your Specific Needs

Now that you have picked the right SaaS solution, you need to properly connect it with your other SaaS applications into one smart system. Unless you are tech savvy, it's not always the easiest to do on your own.  That's why Bridge API integration developers provide a fast, easy and affordable Zapier integration service to connect all your SaaS applications for you. 

  • Add Your New Recruit Interviews From Zoho As Events On Google Calendar!
  • Create A ShipStation Order from QuickBooks Invoices!
  • Connect Trello With Your Gmail Emails!
  • Generate New Jira Issues From Asana Tasks!
  • Send HelloSign Signature Requests From Your Wufoo Form!
  • And so much more ...

No matter what app you are looking to connect with Zapier for your business, Bridge API Consultants can it done for you fast, easy, and without the headaches. 

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Five Leading SaaS Companies Select Bridge Software as Their Certified Channel Partner to Provide API Integration Services

Posted by Scott Berg on May 24, 2018 12:09:54 PM

Bridge Software has recently been selected by five leading SaaS companies, Namely, SharpSpring, AllClients, EVP Payments and Propserworks, to be their trusted API Integration partner bridging their SaaS solution into their clients growing SaaS “ecosystem”. As small and medium-sized businesses shift from legacy IT systems to more cost-effective cloud based SaaS solutions, properly integrating each SaaS platform to share data and work together is critical for a company to effectively manage their business. Each SaaS solution from CRM, Automated Marketing, ERP, AI, BI/Analytics, Accounting and Human Resources must all work together. Bridge Software API integration expertise provides each of their SaaS channel partners a turnkey solution to fulfill their clients’ custom integration needs.

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About Bridge Software

Bridge Software is dedicated to providing API integration services for our SaaS Channel Partners.  We provide turnkey solutions through Custom API Integration Services and Hosted Integration Solutions fulfilling SMB clients need to connect all of their SaaS platforms into one complete system.

We build the “Bridge” between software systems.

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