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Kin Lane
My name is Kin Lane, and I created the API Evangelist blog, and persona, to provide me with a lens for looking at technology through. In 2010, I began studying the business of APIs, trying to understand how new waves of startups like Twilio, Stripe, SendGrid and others were building API-centric businesses. Seven years later I am still studying APIs, but I'd say my focus is more on the politics of APIs, than the technology or business of it.

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API Evangelist Is Partnering With Bridge Software To Tell More API Integration Stories

Posted by Kin Lane on May 20, 2018 2:02:54 PM

I have been intrigued by the people who reached out after I published a story about my partner program. One of the companies that reached out was the API integration agency Bridge Software, who reflects the next generation of software development groups who are emerging to focus exclusively on API integration.

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About Bridge Software

Bridge Software is dedicated to providing API integration services for our SaaS Channel Partners.  We provide turnkey solutions through Custom API Integration Services and Hosted Integration Solutions fulfilling SMB clients need to connect all of their SaaS platforms into one complete system.

We build the “Bridge” between software systems.

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